Wednesday, October 30, 2013

CARING ipo - Last day for subscription !

Issue Price
Share Issue A/C No.
Stock Name
Total Shares Offered (mil.)
Shares Offered To M'sian Public (mil.)
Bursa Malaysia
Opening Date
18 Oct 2013
Closing Date
30 Oct 2013
Ballot Date
 01 Nov 2013
Listing Date
 13 Nov 2013
Issuing House

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Budget 2014: CENSOF - a big winner !

With the announcement of GST to be implemented on 01 Apr 2015, for sure software changes is required by government or government agencies on their existing system.

As we know MyEG is involved in E-Government services, surely this company will benefit from the implementation of GST.

Another big winner should be CENSOF which involves in software services. This is the company that provides financial management solutions to the government and its agencies.

Overall there are about 60 government agencies get the software services from Censof.

Last Friday while Budget 2014 is being tabled by PM, Censof was suddenly traded actively and closed at RM0.575 with highest at RM0.585, up by RM0.045.

Its warrant, CENSOF-WA performed even better than the mother share, opened at RM0.41 and close at RM0.475, up by RM0.065.

This could be the hidden gems !

Monday, October 28, 2013

new RPGT - Good and Bad !

The proposed new real property gain tax (RPGT) and also the removal of developers interest bearing scheme (DIBS) is good measurement to the house-buyer in general.

The removal of DIBS is the good solution as the developer generally pass the buck back to the property buyers for whatever incurred on them.

With the introduction of new RPGT, government hopes that property price will be controllable.

In the new RPGT, the increase of foreigner purchasing price from RM500,000 to RM1,000,000 is a very good counter attack on the property price. This will definitely prevent foreigner from making our property as their investment tools.

The increase of RPGT might discourage some property speculators, or for those want to have a quick on property investment. But for those with the holding power, this should not be a problem because of the low interest rate in the housing loan.

But on the negative side, developer may pass the GST incurred on their materials back to house-buyer by putting back the taxes into the property price. At the end, property buyer has to asborb all the GST incurred.

Friday, October 25, 2013

A pre-budget RALLY ?

KLCI has gone up steadily for last 7 days. Never lost in 7 days, fantastic ! Will KLCI sustainable or going 'south' after the announcement of Budget 2014?

KLCI closed at 1818.93 up 4.82 points on Thursday, a day before budget 2014.

It also surpassed its all time high of 1814 to 1822, but was slowly pull down and closed at 1818.93. Trading was heavy with volume at 1.5 billion shares worth RM1.6 billion.

SapuraKencana was one of the top 10 active stock beside others penny stocks like TMS, AT, XDL, etc.

Top gainers are mainly from O&G stocks.

A pre-budget rally? Does it mean, KLCI will go down after budget 2014?

For me, I will "see profit take profit" and buy nothing.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

HUNZA Prop Bhd - Ex for Special Dividend

Entitlement Date
Payment Date
Entitlement Subject
Special Dividend
Entitlement Description
A special dividend of share dividend of 25 treasury shares for every 1,000 existing ordinary shares of RM1.00 each held.
Entitlement Ratio
25 : 1,000

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Vincent Tan's BERJAYA AUTO ipo - Close for subscription tomorrow !

Issue Price
Share Issue A/C No.
Stock Name
Total Shares Offered (mil.)
Shares Offered To M'sian Public (mil.)
Bursa Malaysia
Opening Date
18 Oct 2013
Closing Date
01 Nov 2013
Ballot Date
08 Nov 2013
Listing Date
18 Nov 2013
Issuing House

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Companies Ex for Dividend - 21-25 Oct 2013 !

Ex-Date for Dividend, 21/10/13 - 25/10/13.

CounterDescriptionsEx-DateTo be paid onTotal for
year so far
CSCENIC1st Interim Single Tier 4¢ 24 Oct11 Nov
GUOCOFinal 2¢ 24 Oct12 Nov
HLBANKFinal 30¢25 Oct13 Nov45¢
KEIHINFirst & Final 1¢ TE21 Oct20 Nov
KSENGInterim 5¢24 Oct20 Nov
MUDAJYA2nd Interim Single Tier 3¢23 Oct22 Nov
MULPHALInterim Gross 1¢23 Oct15 Nov
PESTECHInterim Single Tier 3¢22 Oct22 Nov
P&O5th Interim Single Tier 1.5¢24 Oct13 Nov26.19¢
SKPRESFinal Single Tier 0.9¢ TE22 Oct15 Nov2.2¢
SPRITZRFirst Interim 4¢ TE21 Oct28 Oct
YTLEInterim Single Tier 2¢25 Oct14 Nov

Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekly TOP 10 Active Stocks - MAS back to top again !

Weekly Top 10 Most Active Stocks (14/10/13 - 18/10/13)

Rank CounterVolume ('00)Price (RM)+/- (RM)
6XDL US1,396,8230.330+0.055

Friday, October 18, 2013

WESTPORTS- Partially-owned by Li Ka-Shing - List today !

Issue Price
Share Issue A/C No.
Stock Name
Stock Number
Total Shares Offered (mil.)
Shares Offered To Msian Public (mil.)
Bursa Malaysia
Opening Date
19 Sep 2013
Closing Date
27 Sep 2013
Ballot Date
02 Oct 2013
Listing Date
18 Oct 2013
Issuing House

Thursday, October 17, 2013

SUMATEC Resources Bhd - Ex for Right Issue !

Renounceable RIGHTS ISSUE of up to 2,722,220,957 new ordinary shares of RM0.14 each in Sumatec Resources Bhd together with 680,555,239 free detachable warrants on the basis of FORTY-ONE (41) RIGHTS SHARES for every TEN (10) existing ordinary shares of RM0.14 each in Sumatec together with ONE (1) WARRANT for every FOUR (4) RIGHTS SHARES subscribed at an issue price of RM0.175 per rights share payable in full upon acceptance.

Other important dates as follow:

1) The Rights commence of trading = [ 22 October 2013 ]

2) The Date of Despatch of the Prospectus and Provisional Allotment Letter of Offer = [ 23 October 2013 ]

3) The last day and time for Acceptance, Renunciation and Payment = [ 6 November 2013 @ 5:00pm ]

4) The Rights cease quotation = [ 29 October 2013 ]

The Stock Short Name, Number and ISIN Code [ SUMATEC-OR, 1201OR and MYL1201OR005 ] respectively.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Companies Ex for Dividend - 14-18 Oct 2013

Ex-Date for Dividend, 14/10/13 - 18/10/13.

CounterDescriptionsEx-DateTo be paid onTotal for
year so far
 CCMDBIO  Interim Single Tier 4¢  14 Oct 8 Nov

GTRONIC 2nd Interim 5¢+Special   Single Tier 4¢ 16 Oct29 Oct

NIHSINInterim Single Tier 0.5¢16 Oct13 Nov

VS2nd Interim Single Tier 3¢16 Oct30 Oct 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

KAREX Bhd IPO - World’s largest condom maker !

Issue Price
Share Issue A/C No.
Stock Name
Total Shares Offered (mil.)
Shares Offered To M'sian Public (mil.)
Bursa Malaysia
Opening Date
11 Oct 2013
Closing Date
23 Oct 2013
Ballot Date
25 Oct 2013
Listing Date
06 Nov 2013
Issuing House

Monday, October 14, 2013

UMW Oil & Gas Corp Bhd IPO - Last Day to subscribe !

UMW Oil & Gas Corporation Berhad 
Issue Price
Share Issue A/C No.
Stock Name
Total Shares Offered (mil.)
Shares Offered To M'sian Public (mil.)
Bursa Malaysia
Opening Date
03 Oct 2013
Closing Date
14 Oct 2013
Ballot Date
18 Oct 2013
Listing Date
01 Nov 2013
Issuing House

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Companies Ex for Dividend - 07-11 Oct 2013

Ex-Date for Dividend, 7/10/13 - 11/10/13.

CounterDescriptionsEx-DateTo be paid onTotal for
year so far
CENBOND Final 1¢ + 2¢ TE 8 Oct22 Oct
EKSONSFinal Single Tier 3¢ 8 Oct4 Nov
E&OFirst & Final 4.5¢8 Oct7 Nov4.5¢
GKENTInterim 2¢7 Oct31 Oct
KARYON2st Interim 0.5¢ TE11 Oct28 Oct0.5¢
MTDACPIFirst & Final 1¢8 Oct31 Oct
MULTICO2nd Interim 3¢+Special 6¢ Single Tier11 Oct8 Nov12¢
OLDTOWNFinal Single Tier 3¢9 Oct30 Oct
REDTONEInterim 1.5¢9 Oct31 Oct1.5¢
RHBCAPInterim Single Tier 6¢10 Oct13 Nov
SABFinal 3¢ + Single Tier 2.75¢9 Oct31 Oct5.75¢
SBCCORPFirst & Final 4¢8 Oct31 Oct
YILAIInterim Single Tier 4¢9 Oct8 Nov

Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekly TOP 10 Most Active Stocks - DOWN more than UP !

Weekly Top 10 Most Active Stocks (30/9/13 - 4/10/13)

Rank CounterVolume ('00)Price (RM)+/- (RM)
3Silver (PN17)1,786,0660.135-0.025

Friday, October 4, 2013

Why Green Packet gone up?

Green Packet share price has been rising steadily from last month. It moved up from RM0.33 to over RM0.60, almost 100% increased.

The appreciation was due to speculation of selling its mobile broadband unit Packet One Networks Sdn Bhd or P1 in short.

There are several local larger telco company as potential buyers like, YTLPower, DiGi and Telekom.

Green Packet holds a 57% of P1.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

WESTPORTS IPO - Oversubscribed 5.30 times !

The Public Retail Offering of 68,200,000 shares were made available to the Malaysian public, and 50% of them are reserved for Bumiputra subscribers.

A total of 32,835 applications for 429,799,600 Westports Holdings Bhd Offer Shares were received from the Malaysian public.

The subscription represents an overall over-subscription rate of 5.30 times.
Those eligible for the above shares are Malaysian citizens, companies, co-operatives, societies and institutions.

According to the report, a total of 7,700 Offer Shares which were not taken up by the Pink Form Applicants were made available to the Malaysian public.

The tentatively listing date is set to 18 October 2013.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

PANTECH Dividend History - From 2007 !

Pantech Dividend History
Dividend History for Pantech
28 FEB 141.2¢ single tier 1st Interim22 Oct 13
28 FEB 131.2¢ single tier Final19 Sep 13
"1.2¢ single tier 3rd Interim17 Apr 13
"1.2¢ single tier 2nd Interim16 Jan 13
"1.0¢ special interim single tier 1st Interim23 Oct 12
29 FEB 121.3¢ single tier Final19 Sep 12
"1.2¢ special interim single tier 2nd Interim26 Mar 12
"1.0¢ single tier 1st Interim8 Dec 11
28 FEB 11Final 1.2¢ single tier Final15 Sep 11
"0.60¢ special interim single tier 2nd Interim30 Mar 11
"1.0¢ single tier and 0.50¢ special interim single tier 1st Interim3 Dec 10
28 FEB 101.2¢ single tier Final22 Sep 10
"1.5¢ special interim single tier 2nd Interim20 Apr 10
"1¢ single tier and 0.50¢ special interim single tier 1st Interim8 Jan 10
28 FEB 091.0¢ single tier Final15 Sep 09
"0.80¢ special Interim single tier 2nd Interim12 May 09
"1.0¢ single tier and 0.20¢ special interim1st Interim13 Jan 09
29 FEB 080.60¢ single tier Final19 Sep 08
"0.30¢ less 26% income taxFinal19 Sep 08
"2.0¢ less 26% income taxInterim10 Dec 07
28 FEB 073.0¢ less 27% income taxFinal17 Sep 07
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