Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why Gadang down?

GADANG down 6.5 sen to closed at RM0.73.

The losses was due to bad Q2 result as it posted losses of RM3.61 million compared with net profit of RM3.42 million in corresponding quater.

Good news is its revenue was up almost double to RM120.56 million from RM62.37 million.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bought PANTECH Warrant

After losing six days in a row, finally KLCI is back to green today to close at 1526.96, UP 6.96 points.

Shopped at Bursa today but only managed to buy Pantech WA at RM0.405 but it closed at RM0.395.

Meanwhile, PANTECH announced their Q3 financial report to Bursa today.  It posted net profit of RM6 mil, down 47% from RM11 mil from previous corresponding quarter.

Revenue was down by 18% from RM92 mil to RM75 mil and EPS down from 2.62 sen to 1.38 sen

The weaker financial performance was due to higher material costs and weakening US$.

Probably will buy more Pantech WA tomorrow if it drop again.

Also placed some order on PJDEV WC, BJCORP, MPHB and TA but failed to get any of them. Will try again tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lets shop at Bursa !

KLCI lost again, the 6th day losses in a row, longest since July 2010, to close at 1500.00, down 6.43.

Although the index has been going down for so many days but this is a healthy pull-back. Chances for post-CNY rally is high.

Everybody is busy doing their CNY shopping, so don't left behind. Lets shop at Bursa Malaysia.

Managed to buy PJDEV-WC at 31 sen today. Will queue to buy more on this counter tomorrow, look at the expired/maturity date, 2020 ! 19 years to expired.

Will also queue to buy Pantech-WA, BJCORP, MPHB and TA.

Any good counter to recommend? Plenty isn't it !

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

KL bourse faces selldown risks!

KLCI continue to go south today,  down 16.54 points to close at 1526.43.

I was expecting the downtrend to be mild and not as fierce as these.

Is it good time to buy now?

Initially, I was planning to buy-in on next Monday or eve of  CNY but some of the stock are getting attractive now. May be will change my plan to buy some tomorrow. Will see.....

Read the article below from Business Times, do you feel eerie when first glance at the title?

KL bourse faces selldown risks: Credit Suisse
Malaysia’s stock market is vulnerable to “profit-taking” in the short term as the benchmark index is still up 1.6 per cent this year while other Southeast Asian markets have fallen, according to Credit Suisse Group AG.

Muhibbah Engineering (M) Bhd, Wah Seong Corp, SP Setia Bhd, British American Tobacco (Malaysia) Bhd, Telekom Malaysia Bhd, Sime Darby Bhd. and Malayan Banking Bh. are stocks which risk being sold down because they’re “fundamentally weak,” Tan Ting Min, an analyst at Credit Suisse, said in a report today. -- Bloomberg

Monday, January 24, 2011

Will KLCI continue to go down?

KLCI continue to go down today (24/1/11), green first then followed by red all the way until closed. 1542.97 -4.46. Will it be another red day tomorrow ?

As next week is a long holiday for CNY, everybody are in selling mode, sell sell sell.

What to do, most of them sell for ang pow money!

What will happen to KLCI tomorrow? KLCI will be in tight range, and volumn will get thinner but selling will be well absorb (bargain hunting).

Unless US and Europe markets performed badly tonight.

Pray both of them to close in great shape because i also want to sell some for my ang pow money.

Friday, January 21, 2011

What will happen to KLCI today?

With major indexes down yesterday, KLCI will not be spared today. Pull back will continue as today is also Friday.

If KLCI continue to go down, it would be a healthy pull back as the market was in overbought situation last few weeks.

This could be the opportunity to buy back some shares. One of the counter in my radar is PANTECH.

Others like, MPHB, BJCORP and maybe SCOMI.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why POS Malaysia up today?

POS MALAYSIA BHD up 25sen to close at RM3.64. The jumped was due to Khazanah Nasional Bhd said it would call bids this week for the sale of its 32.21% stake.

Khazanah would look at inviting bids for its strategic stake in POS MALAYSIA BHD.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

SP Setia : Buy On Rumor, Sell On News

Buy on rumor, sell on news.

Applied nicely to SP Setia Bhd, as its shares price down today after announcement it plans to undertake a mixed residential and commercial project in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, giving the government a 20 per cent share of its net profit from it.

It closed at RM6.41 down 29 sen. Lowest and highest of the day, RM6.30 and RM6.70 respectively.

All its warrants also down,

SP Setia-CB -5.5 sen, closed at RM0.715.
SP Setia-CC -2 sen, closed at RM0.225.
SP Setia-WB -35 sen, closed at RM1.88.

Monday, January 17, 2011

PLUS acquisition saga

PLUS EXPRESSWAYS BERHAD acquisition saga to be ended soon after PLUS made an announcement to Bursa Malaysia today.

It was told that Jelas Ulung offer will not be considered by PLUS after there failed to comply with the conditions stated by PLUS on 21 December 2010.

With Jelas Ulung out of the race, the only sole bidder for the acquisition is UEM-EPF.

An EGM will be held soon.

PLUS closed at RM4.45, unchanged.

For more story on PLUS acquisition.

Things looking up

More words of confident from Transmile. Lets hope there will back to previous glory real soon even though its not going to be an easy task.

Things looking up - by Presenna Nambiar, Business Times.

FINANCIALLY troubled Transmile Group Bhd (7000) may be on the brink of being taken off the stock exchange or worse, be wound up, but for its management, things are finally looking up.

"We have been standing alone for three years ... against all odds, we are standing here today, and we continue to plan to move forward and plan to grow.

"(With the sale of the MD-11s) we have something positive to hold on to ... we'll still take some time ... let's be realistic, it won't be done overnight," Transmile Group Bhd group managing director Liu Tai Shin told selected media in Subang last week.

With the disposal of the four non-revenue-generating MD-11s, Transmile has a fleet of 12 freighter planes, nine Boeing 727s and three Boeing 737s.

Two of its aircraft have been leased out to its Thailand associate K-Mile Air, while the remaining will service its charter and scheduled flights.

"We have a balanced mix of revenue between what we do in leasing and charter and in scheduled cargo for the general public ... which I think is important in this business. Things change very fast, so you need a good balance spread of revenue," Transmile group chief operating officer Robert Hyslop explained.

Last year, Transmile introduced three cargo services a week from Subang to Kuching, Labuan and Bintulu via Changi, Singapore, designed to develop customers in the oil and gas industry, and increased the frequency to its Subang to Hong Kong route.

This year, it plans to introduce Subang-Ho Chi Minh City route, which will carry a mix of oil and gas, and general cargo.

The cargo carrier's main revenue earner is still its courier, air express and postal business.

It services clients such as Air Hong Kong, DHL and Gading Sari Aviation, which is part of the Pos Malaysia contract, and general freight forwarders.

For the first nine months of the financial year ended December 31 2010, the company recorded a net loss of RM130.1 million due to an impairment loss of RM143.8 million for the MD-11s recognised in the third quarter of the year.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Transmile debt-restructuring proposal?

If these proposal materialized, will it help Transmile to be a profitable company again?

Transmile proposal

Cargo carrier Transmile Group Bhd (7000)plans to offer its bondholders shares or loan stocks under a debt-restructuring plan it has yet to fully present to them.

Its chief financial officer Kam Wai Peng said some haircuts will also be requested as the debt is too huge for its current operations to service.

"If the lenders continue to demand high interest rates and (stick to their) time frame, no, we won't be able to (service the loans), we will look into offering them equity, or some loan stocks ... and some haircuts," Kam told selected media at the company's headquarters in Subang, Selangor, yesterday.

This isn't the first time Transmile will be trying to offer shares in its loans repayment to bondholders. Almost three years ago, the bondholders rejected the proposal, preferring instead cash.

"Hopefully, they are more open to it now," Kam said.
Transmile's outstanding debt obligations to its lenders are RM528.9 million. Yesterday, the first of four MD-11s sold to Federal Express Corp left the company's Subang base.

The sale of the aircraft will help the company pare down debt to about RM320.1 million.

It is still a substantial sum to service considering that Transmile registered an operating profit of only RM3.9 million for the third quarter of the financial year ended December 31 2010 and its shareholders' fund is in the red.

"(This year) we will complete the sale of the MD-11s and hope to get the agreement with the banks settled at least by second quarter, and then we need to focus on the business," managing director Liu Tai Shin said.

The debt-restructuring is only the tip of the iceberg however, as Kam points out that even with the debt-restructuring plan resolved, the company may not be able to comply with certain conditions attached to the regularisation plan required by Bursa Malaysia Bhd.

One of the conditions attached to the regularisation plan is that it needs to generate profits for two consecutive quarters after the plan.

Looking at Transmile's current operations and obligations, it is a difficult condition to meet as the deadline to submit a revamp plan to Bursa is on February 23.

"There are just too many variables at the moment to contend with, everything would impact something else. There is no clear cut answer, whether it is yes or no, or black or white. Certainly, the company will take every step to preserve value and create value, that's what the entire team has been here doing for the last three years," Liu said. - By Presenna Nambiar,

Friday, January 14, 2011

KLCI closed lower today. How about next week?

KLCI closed 1.67 points lower today, but volumn traded are high 2.1 bil shares, worth RM2.5 bil.

The bull is still there, hopefully it will continue to be active for next week.

As CNY is getting closer, market could draw into correction period as the volumn traded was so huge for last few weeks. So it will not be surprise to see market going downtrend for end of next week, as correction come in.

But with US Dollar depreciate further, hopefully foreign investors will buy in more Malaysian equity and pushing KLCI in a stable range.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why FABER is top loser today?

Faber closed at RM2.19, down RM0.44, top loser of the day.

Read article below to find out why the counter dropped so much today.

Faber: Abu Dhabi contracts not renewed  - by Yantoultra Ngui Yichen,

Faber Group Bhd’s subsidiary Faber LLC has received non-renewal notices for three maintenance services contracts worth a total of RM184 million in Abu Dhabi from the Emirate’s Department of Municipal Affairs, Western Region Municipality.

In an announcement to Bursa Malaysia here yesterday, the integrated facilities management service provider said the non-renewal of the contracts will affect Faber’s earnings and its net assets per share of four sen for the financial year ending Dec 31, 2011.

“With regard to the operational impact, Faber LLC needs to redeploy its staff and assets that are presently assigned to the projects and it will continue to maintain the office in the region for other potential contracts,” it said.

Faber received the non-renewal notices of the contracts on Jan 10.

The non-renewed contracts included the provisions of civil, mechanical and electrical maintenance services for low-cost houses at Madinat Zayed and Liwa as well as the improvement, development, upgrade and maintenance of infrastructure facilities and projects at Madinat Zayed-Zone-1.

According to the announcement, Faber’s services for the low-cost house contracts will cease with effect from April 2, while its services for the maintenance of infrastructure facilities at Madinat Zayed-Zone-1 will expire on June 1.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

CIMB merge or takeover Affin Bank ?

Are we going to see another mega merger in Malaysia corporate world?

The pairing is between CIMB and Affin Bank. However both banks denied the merger or takeover.

Affin unaware of CIMB bid rumours by Business Times.

CIMB Group dismisses Affin Bank takeover, merger talk by The Edge Malaysia.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


TALAM and NICORP both are the TOP 10 Most Active stocks in KLCI today.

Especially Talam, volumn was huge, up 2 sen closed at RM0.12.

Nicorp closed at RM0.07, up by 1 sen. At current price, it was the highest for more than one year.

Hopefully both will continue to climb and will sell my holding tomorrow.

Monday, January 10, 2011

RM8b mega project in Jalan Ipoh?

The land definitely a good buy for Boustead. Location is good and low in density.

If the project materialized it will boast Boustead account. It will also transformed the usual quiet Jalan Ipoh into a busy and crowded area.

With limited spaces in Jalan Ipoh, definitely it will bring plenty of opportunity to the area and community.

Boustead in talks to buy army base land for RM8b project

Boustead Holdings Bhd (2771) may build mixed commercial and residential properties worth more than RM8 billion on the 98ha Batu Cantonment army base at Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur.

The group's main shareholder Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera (LTAT), which holds a 59 per cent stake, is in talks with the government to buy the land and is close to sealing the deal.

Boustead deputy chairman and group managing director Tan Sri Lodin Wok Kamaruddin is hopeful that it will be involved in the land development.

"Hopefully the deal could be secured soon. Everyone is working hard to make it happen. If LTAT can buy the land, we will do a feasibility study to decide on the most viable properties to build," he said.

"It is a good site for a mixed development. It would be the kind of project that one would want to pursue on this prime land," Lodin told Business Times.
He said Boustead may build medium to high-end houses, commercial and residential towers, shophouses, small office/home office and a mall.

The government is selling some of its prized land bank around Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley at current market value for redevelopment.

These include the Batu Cantonment land, 24ha at Jalan Cochrane, the 1,320ha Rubber Research Institute land in Sungai Buloh, and smaller parcels at Jalan Stonor, Brickfields, and Bukit Ledang, off Jalan Duta.

It is unclear how much the Batu Cantonment land is worth but according to Previn Singhe, founder and chief executive officer of Zerin Properties, the market value for unconverted land at Jalan Ipoh is now between RM40 and RM80 per sq ft.

Previn said the development will attract foreign investments as it is closely located near the KLCC.

"The shear size of the development offers a lot of promises. Prices of real estate along Jalan Ipoh have always been stable with good movement ... it's not as docile as how one thinks.

"This project will have a positive impact on Jalan Ipoh if done well and if the developer can tap on the commuter line nearby, and the proposed Kepong-Kajang line," Previn said.

The Batu Cantonment army base, which has been there for over 40 years, will be relocated.

In 2002, the Perak state government had earmarked a 680ha site in Batu Gajah for the relocation.- By Sharen Kaur,

Likely hike in food prices? In fact it already UP UP UP !

The price on the street for food and drink already went up even without the increase of sugar price. The increase vary from area, a bowl of noodle could cost 20 - 50 sen more. For coffee, tea or other hot drinks, 20 sen extra.

Will there be any more increase after the price of sugar goes up? Just pray, so those hawkers or coffee shops owner be mercy, especially to low and mid income earners.

Food prices hike cannot be avoided anymore, one of the solution for everybody is to change their lifestyle, otherwise life will be tougher.

Likely hike in food prices

Consumers may have to fork out more for their foodstuff now that several food and beverage industry players have been hit with a RM600 increase per tonne in the price of sugar.

Sugar refineries issued a notification on Dec 31, informing 17 manufacturers of the price increase effective Jan 1.

The price for coarse grain sugar is now RM2,540 per tonne, up from RM1,940, while that of fine grain sugar has risen to RM2,620 per tonne from RM2,020.

However, manufacturers have expressed surprise at the lack of an official government announcement.

Fraser and Neaves Holdings Bhd (F&N) chief executive officer Datuk Ng Jui Sia said he was confused, adding that the Government normally announced any increase before such a notification from suppliers.

“I understand the rationale for the price adjustment. The problem is that we received such short notice and had no time to plan or prepare for it,” he said, adding that he was also surprised that the change came a month before Chinese New Year.

Permanis chief executive officer Erwin Selvarajah said he was unaware of the price increase.

“I was merely informed of a meeting with the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry on Monday to discuss certain issues,” he said.

Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers president Tan Sri Mustafa Mansur confirmed that it would be having the dialogue.

“We want to get ministry clarification on the price increase. The 17 manufacturers want to discuss how it will be implemented,” he said.

A spokesman for one of the country’s four sugar refineries said the increase affected only a certain segment of the market.

“Only the biggest players are involved. A government announcement would only be made if the entire market was affected,” he said, adding that it was normal for a last-minute notification.

When contacted, ministry secretary-general Datuk Mohd Zain Mohd Dom said manufacturers had been warned that they might not be able to buy subsidised sugar any more in view of the rise in world sugar price.

He said the Government only had RM400mil left from the initial RM1.6bil fund to subsidise sugar at the current price of RM2.10 per kilo.

On the notification before Chinese New Year, he said the Government could not afford to spend so much money on sugar subsidies for another month if they waited until after the festival. - by WONG PEK MEI and ISABELLE LAI,

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Farewell Roy Hodgson, Welcome Kenny Dalgish

Finally Hodgson leave Liverpool Football Club after long speculation that he will not stay long in the club. His leaving was expected after a string of poor results.

His temporary replacement is the Liverpool great, Kenny Dalgish. He is a famous player and manager at the club. More story on him.

Read article below from official site of Liverpool fc.

Hodgson exits as Dalglish takes over

Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson has left the club by mutual consent. 

Hodgson, 63, won only seven of 20 Premier League games after taking over from Rafael Benitez in July 2010 and led the club to 12th in the table.

Former player and manager Kenny Dalglish has been placed in charge until the end of the season.

"Both parties thought it in the best interests of the club that he stand down," said American owner John W Henry in a statement on the club's website.

Hodgson refused to answer questions about his Anfield future following Liverpool's 3-1 defeat by Blackburn on Wednesday, the club's third loss in four Premier League games, which left them just four points clear of the relegation zone.

And when his press conference ahead of Liverpool's FA Cup third-round match against Manchester United on Sunday was cancelled on Friday, it fuelled further speculation that the former Fulham manager's tenure was drawing to a close.

"I have found the last few months some of the most challenging of my career," read a statement from Hodgson on the club's website.

"I am very sad not to have been able to put my stamp on the squad, to be given the time to bring new players into the club in this transfer window and to have been able to be part of the rebuilding process at Liverpool."

Club ambassador Dalglish will oversee team matters for Sunday's FA Cup tie at Old Trafford.

The 59-year-old won eight league titles with Liverpool as a player and manager, taking charge of the club for a six-year spell between 1985 and 1991.

He also helped the Anfield side to three European Cup triumphs before hanging up his boots.

"Kenny was not just a legendary footballer, he was the third of our three most successful managers - three giants," said Henry, who bought Liverpool in October.

"We are extraordinarily fortunate and grateful that he has decided to step in during the middle of this season."

Hodgson has extensive domestic, European and international managerial experience, which includes spells with Blackburn Rovers and Switzerland, who he guided to the last 16 of the 1994 World Cup.

He also had a period in charge of Italian giants Inter Milan.

He joined Fulham in December 2007 and steered the club away from the relegation zone, escaping the drop on the final day of that season.

He transformed the Cottagers and guided them to their highest ever top-flight finish in 2008-09, reaching the Europa League final the following year.

His results in west London were enough to persuade Liverpool, searching for a successor to Spaniard Benitez, to offer Hodgson a three-year contract in July.

Despite losing influential Argentina midfielder Javier Mascherano to Barcelona for £17.25m in August, Hodgson spent over £20m bringing in Christian Poulsen, Raul Meireles, Danny Wilson and Brad Jones, as well as signing Joe Cole and Paul Konchesky.

But Hodgson endured a tough start in his new job, as his side were knocked out of the Carling Cup by League Two Northampton at Anfield on 22 September, while a 2-1 home defeat to Blackpool on 3 October meant they dropped into the bottom three of the top flight for the first time since September 1964.

And following Liverpool's third league defeat in four matches, at Ewood Park on Wednesday, Hodgson's position at Anfield became untenable.

Former Liverpool defender now BBC Sport football expert Mark Lawrenson said he was "surprised" the team has not gelled under Hodgson.

"He was renowned for improving players at Fulham, coaching them and making them better but at Liverpool the opposite has happened," he said.

"Liverpool have gone backwards and the players he has brought in just haven't worked. I think unfortunately Roy was the wrong man at the wrong time for Liverpool and it has been a case of thanks but no thanks."

This story has been reproduced from today's media. It does not necessarily represent the position of Liverpool Football Club.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Price Wars Among MAS - AirAsia - Firefly?

Will there be any air fare price wars among local aviation company, MAS-AirAsia-Firefly? If there is one and who will benefit from the fight?

If the price war really materialized, for sure it will benefit to air travelers who fly with them.

Read the following article from Business Times.

Firefly pledges 10pc lower fares

FIREFLY, the low-cost arm of Malaysia Airlines, wants to trump AirAsia Bhd at its own game, promising at least 10 per cent lower fares.

"The percentage will vary for each route, but passengers can expect at least 10 per cent lower fares than what is available now," FlyFirefly Sdn Bhd managing director Datuk Eddy Leong told reporters after unveiling the first of its Boeing 737-800 in Subang yesterday. Also present was Minister of Transport Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha

The airline promises this despite the disadvantage of flying out of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) main terminal. It charges RM3 more passenger service charge, compared to the low-cost carrier terminal (LCCT) in Sepang for domestic flights.

"By paying RM3 more you get aerobridges, a more than decent airport, Express Rail Link service ... our survey shows that more than 95 per cent of passengers will still opt to fly with us," Leong said.

Firefly plans to operate only domestic flights in the near term. International flights are only expected to start once KLIA 2, the new permanent LCCT, is ready.

The budget airline is already in talks with airport operator Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd about operating out of KLIA 2, once it is ready.

At a passenger service charge of RM51 for KLIA, and RM25 for the LCCT for international flights, it would be too expensive for Firefly to operate out of the main terminal.

Firefly also believes that the cost of using aerobridges, which comes up to 50 sen per passenger, is also too inconsequential to worry about.

"After fuel, maintenance cost and aircraft cost are the two major considerations for an airline. So with us being able to leverage on MAS' maintenance, repair and overhaul facility, and managing to secure very good (leasing and financing) rates for the aircraft, we have really managed to bring down costs," Leong said.

Firefly will receive seven B737-800s this year, two each in the first three quarters and one in the last quarter of the year.

All these aircraft are on a four to five-year lease.

Meanwhile, Kong announced that the ministry had a conservative target of seven per cent passenger growth across all airports in Malaysia for 2011.

In 2010, airports nationwide record 52 million passenger arrivals, a 15 per cent growth over 2009 numbers.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

FBMKLCI: Another day, another record

Fantastic ! Another day, another record for BursaMalaysia or FBMKLCI.

The index is going up higher and higher, will we able to see 1600 by next week? or 1700 by next month?

Read the article written by Bernama.

The FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI (FBM KLCI) managed to finish higher at the eleventh hour, holding up its winning streak for the fourth consecutive day as losses prompted by profit taking was well absorbed.

At 5pm, FBM KLCI ended 2.2 points higher at 1,568.37 compared with Wednesday''s close of 1,566.17.

The FBM KLCI, which opened 4.36 points higher at 1,570.53, touched an intra-day high and low of 1,576.95 and 1,562.75, respectively.

More foreign money is expected to enter the country with foreign investors continuing to look at the positive fundamentals offered here, Bursa Malaysia Chief Executive Officer Datuk Yusli Mohamed Yusoff said today.

MIDF Research had said prospects for the local bourse would be good this year with foreign liquidity continuing to be drawn to Malaysia.

Foreign funds tracking FTSE indices, estimated to be more than US$3 trillion, is expected to flow into the country's equity market, it said.

OSK Research, its note earlier today, said despite the 47.3 points gain over the past three days, the daily Relative Strength Index (RSI) only closed at the 75.6 points-level yesterday.

"As the FBM KLCI normally gets overbought beyond the 80 points-level, this means the door is still open for additional gains.

"As such, the near-term technical outlook of the FBM KLCI is firmly bullish as it is now trading at its historic high and will continue to trend higher," it said.

The Finance Index added 21.57 points to 14,425.19, the Industrial Index inched up 0.87 of a point to 2,927.43 and the Plantation Index advanced 27.75 points to 8,301.71.

The FBM Emas Index climbed 47.9 points to 10,755.98, the FBM Ace Index widened 4.35 points to 4,427.14 and the FBM70 Index increased 152.07 points to 11,431.74.

Gainers led losers 507 to 295 while 284 counters were unchanged, 239 untraded and 34 others were suspended.

Volume amounted to 2.204 billion shared worth RM3.141 billion, down from 2.346 billion shares, valued at RM3.69 billion registered yesterday. -- Bernama

Malaysian Website Rankings

For the month ending October, 2010, Effective Measure reports the following rankings of websites visited by close to 17 million Internet users inside of Malaysia:

1. Facebook 16.
2. Google Sites 17.
3. Yahoo Sites 18.
4. 19.
5. 20.
6. 21.
7. MSN Sites 22.
8. 23.
9. 24. Mobile88
10. 25.
11. 26.
12. 27.
13. 28.
14. Wikipedia 29.
15. 30.

The above data was retrieved from Effective Measure.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why TENAGA slips?

TENAGA closed at RM6.67 today, down five sen and it was only five sen higher than their lowest after ex-bonus.

With market traded actively these few days, and why Tenaga still traded in red?

Investors are concerned about,

- the impact of rising coal prices
- chance of having tariff hike is getting slim

Is Tenaga attractive at current price? Huh, probably will buy some tomorrow......

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Plan to buy TALAM and NICORP

With market so hot nowaday, I plan to buy some penny stocks and wait for the bull to come.

I have two counters in my radar now.

1 - TALAM, - RM0.095
2 - NICORP - RM0.055

Yes, I agreed, both are not making money and their reports are not a good one.

My plan is to put some money on these two counters but not many. Hopefully there will ride along when bull arrived.

For sure, I will not hold both for long, will cut lost if bull became bear.

Not recommended to follow me. Try at your own risks.

20 new car models in 2011

Wanted to buy new car, just wait and see. According to a news from TheStar newspaper, a total of 20 new models expected to be launched this year.

Two of them is expected from our national cars, Perodua and Proton.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sell TALAM on Monday?

Recently TALAM announced their 3Q result, and it was a bad one. Posted a NET LOSS of RM83.29 million compared to NET PROFIT of RM118,000 last year.

Will market react negatively by sell sell sell? Be mercy.........

More details on the result written by Joseph Chin of

Talam sinks into red in 3Q, net loss RM83.29m

Talam Corp Bhd posted net loss of RM83.29 million in the third quarter ended Oct 31, 2010 compared with net profit of RM118,000 a year ago, mainly due to losses on disposal of two parcels of development PROPERTIES [] totaling RM43.85 million and foresees a challenging remaining financial year for the group.

The company said on Thursday, Dec 30 there was an increase in administrative expenses mainly due to allowance made on bad and doubtful debts of RM3 million.

“The higher finance cost is attributable to finance cost accounted on zero coupon convertible securities, which were issued pursuant to the regularisation plan undertaken by the group in the previous financial year,” it said.

Talam said revenue fell 32% to RM50.68 million from the RM74.72 million a year ago mainly due to lower progress billings generated from the development projects during the current quarter under review. It posted loss per share of 2.76 sen versus earnings per share of 0.01 sen a year ago.

For the nine-months period, revenue declined 30% to RM125.30 million from RM178.10 million mainly due to lower progress billings generated from the development projects.

Talam reported loss before tax of RM74.23 million for the nine months compared to profit before tax of RM9.53 million a year ago. The unfavourable results were mainly attributable to losses on disposal of two parcels of development properties totaling RM43.85 million, allowance made on bad and doubtful debts of RM3 million and operating loss reported by Maxcourt Hotel in China of RM4.7 million.

“All these factors have aggravated the results of the group despite a higher amount of other income which include, among others, income arising from waiver of obligations under a settlement agreement with creditors of RM35.8 million and gain on disposal of certain floors of a hotel building in China of RM4 million,” it said.

On the prospects, Talam said the group was still facing a huge challenge in the low and medium end property sector. Due to its tight liquidity position, the group had during the current financial year, disposed of certain properties below cost and this may continue in the near future. - by Joseph Chin of

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pre-Chinese New Year rally !

Pre-Lunar or Chinese New Year rally on KLSE?

Are we going to see the rally this year? This question always pop-up whenever the year ended and Chinese New Year getting nearer. The rally is everybody's hope before Chinese New Year (CNY).

This year CNY falls on Feb,3 or first week of February. If the rally materialized, it is going to be happen around these two or three weeks.

My intention if the rally happen, will sell my holding. Usually market will not have much activities after CNY or the month of February.

In today's Starbiz, there was an article titled Pre-Lunar New Year rally on the cards, written by KM Lee.

Pre-Lunar New Year rally on the cards

There was no lead from the United States, as markets there were shut for Christmas celebrations but European shares ticked higher on selective buying amid optimism the December run would be extended, which witnessed the FTSE Euro-First 300-share Index chalking up 0.1% to 1,147.49 points the previous Friday.

Taking comfort from the latter performance, Bursa Malaysia kicked off on a steadier note, with the benchmark FBM Kuala Lumpur Composite Index (FBM KLCI) up 0.32 point at 1,511.90.

However, business was slow, as many people were already on vacation and those still in the market were not taking any chance after The People's Bank of China raised the lending rate by 25 basis points to 5.81% and lifted the benchmark deposit rate by 25 basis points to 2.75% over the weekend to fight inflation.

While most investors stayed on the sidelines, watching how global markets would react to the rate hike in China before making their next move, regional stock exchanges see-sawed throughout in directionless trade.

Taking the cue from them, the local bourse subsequently turned sideways, drifting between an intra-day high and low of 1,513.23 and 1,509.64 respectively, a tight four-point range before ending a shade higher, rising 0.14 point to 1,511.72 due to gains in select quality issues and it was clearly displayed on the scoreboard, with losers outnumbering winners by 414 to 305 on Monday.

Overnight Wall Street trimmed early losses to close marginally easier on resumption of trading after the long break and crude oil prices snapped the five-day winning streak, falling 51 cents to US$91 per barrel.

With regional bourses fluctuating within a narrow band in another directionless session, many people had expected the local bourse to consolidate the next day but surprisingly, the overall sentiment changed for the better on renewed bargain-hunting interest, as investors shrugged off a surprise weekend interest rate hike from China's central bank.

Blue chips, especially banking and plantation issues, were list toppers but elsewhere, second and lower liners were mostly lower on lack of support.

At the end of Tuesday's session, the key index added only 5.72 points to 1,517.44 due to limited support.

Thereafter, extended accumulation action dominated the floor, spurred by a rebound in overnight Dow and the resumption of a rally in crude oil prices. A rise in Asian stocks added to the upbeat note.

Hence, in brisk business, the local bourse advanced a further 6.90 points to 1,524.34 in mid-week before giving back 5.43 points to 1,518.91 amid profit-taking activity on Thursday, also the last trading day for the year.

Bursa Malaysia was closed for a public holiday on Friday.

Statistics: For the week, the principal index gained 7.33 points, or 0.5%, to 1,518.91 on Thursday, compared with 1,511.58 at the close on Dec 24.

Total turnover for the four-day week shrank to 3.624 billion units worth RM5.355bil, versus 5.747 billion shares valued at RM7.676bil traded during the regular previous week.

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