Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why MASTERSKILL or MEGB hits year low?

MEGB shares price had been going down steadily from last month onward. As shown in the graph it was down from high of RM2.00 to current level of RM1.32.

In fact the stock has been continuously going down since listed in May 2010, with IPO of RM3.80.

Currently it was slightly above 52 weeks low of RM1.31, which was hit on monday.

There are several reasons why the counter was hit hard:

- weak second quarter result
- poor student intake, one of the reason is in early 2011, the Malaysian Nursing Board increased the entry requirements for nursing course from three credits to five credits, which affected student intake slightly lower in the first quarter of 2011
- several research houses downgraded the stock

May buy in if the stock fell below RM1.00.


- second quarter ended on 30/6/2011
- Q2 result announced on 26/08/2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

Another new PM for Japan

Soon Japanese is going to have a new Prime Minister as existing PM had been resigned from the post making way for new one.

There have been changing PM so frequently for past few years.

Japan could be the only country that changed their country head faster than others, not even Thailand is able to matched with them.

Definitely Japan PM is the toughest job in the work.

By the way, the existing PM is Naoto Kan from Democratic Party of Japan. He resigned from the post on Friday.

Hopefully the new PM will bring back the high of Japanese economy. Nobody want to see them fall as there are the third largest economy in the world.

Good luck to new PM.

Bumi Armada hit the lowest since IPO

Bumi Armada Bhd, controlled by tycoon T Ananda Krishnan hits the lowest price since listed last month.

The biggest IPO of the year closed the morning session at RM3.56 and its IPO price is RM3.03.

Why, it dropped so much? A RM0.24 lower than yesterday close.

My hand is getting itchy because eager to buy now.

Oh well, better wait and see. Have to find out why it dropped so much before invest on it.

Growth concerns could be the reason why CIMB stock fell

CIMB stock price has been going down consistently even with their impressive Q2 result but still not good enough to cushion the worry of growth concerns.

As the counter has a lot of foreign investors, it was not surprised to see the counter being sell-off, mainly by foreigners.












See the article reported in Business Times:

CIMB stock hit by growth concerns

KUALA LUMPUR: The stock of Malaysia's number two lender took a beating yesterday, closing 4.6 per cent down to a one-year low of RM7.25, on concerns of slower growth this year.

Analysts said as the stock has a lot of foreign owners, it was no surprise that there were more sellers than buyers since Wednesday, despite CIMB Group Holdings Bhd's record second quarter earnings on Tuesday.

"It is similar to Axiata's stock. Axiata also has high foreign shareholding and it suffered the same fate," said one analyst.

The analyst said since CIMB has always commanded a high valua-tion, a slight concern over its performance can easily affect the stock price.

CIMB's earnings rose 9.1 per cent to a record RM970.01 million in the second quarter ended June 30 2011 from RM889.46 million a year ago.

Despite that, it was considered to be still 9.2 per cent below the consensus of most analysts.

They attributed the sell down of the stock to mostly concerns over slower loans and non-interest income growth.

MIDF Research for one has cut CIMB's earnings forecast for 2011 by 6 per cent due to the low loan growth.

OSK Investment Bank equity capital market head Gan Kim Khoon said CIMB's results were below the expectations of many.

"And there are concerns over its stake in Indonesia's Bank Niaga as CIMB has got more to lose with the new ruling compared to Maybank," he said. - By Roziana Hamsawi


- second quarter ended 30/06/2011

Lets see how this penny stock perform, is it bad or getting worst?

It was a great result considering last year similar quarter was almost all in red. As this is one of my favourite counter to play hit and run. Hopefully there will sustain the positive result or push even higher on revenue and profit. So can make more money from her.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

SIME DARBY BERHAD - Q4 2011 Summary

- fourth quarter ended 30 June 2011

Revenue up almost RM4 billion.
Profit up almost RM1.5 billion.
EPS turn positive to RM0.2184.
Dividend, this is going to make shareholders a big smile on their face. A RM0.22 compared to just RM0.03.

A huge increase in Revenue, up almost RM10 billion.
Profit, it also made a big leap, about RM2.6 billion increase in profit.
EPS up from 12.09 to 60.98.
Dividend, triple more than preceding year on corresponding period.

With revenue and profit made a huge jump, for sure NTA also up. Up from 3.4 to 4.0.

MAXIS Berhad - Q2 Summary

- second quarter ended 30 June 2011

Revenue down about RM33 million from previous corresponding quarter.
Profit up RM35 million on same period.
Dividend consistently declared at RM0.08 with TE.

Revenue on current-year-do-date also down for corresponding period, down RM52 million.
Profit up by RM13 million.
EPS and Dividend unchanged.

NTA down.


- second quarter ended 30 June 2011

Revenue down from RM871 million to RM865 million.
Profit before tax up from RM121 million to RM133 million.
A dividend of RM0.05 per share was declared for this period compared to none last year.

On year to year, revenue was down more than RM50 million.
Profit up RM40 million.
Dividend was higher than last year, RM0.10 to RM0.04.

NTA was up from 2.22 to 2.62.

MULTI-PURPOSE Holdings Bhd (MPHB) Q2 Profit JUMP !

MULTI-PURPOSE Holdings Bhd (MPHB)’s net profit for the second quarter increased from RM60 million to RM70 million, a 16.5% increase.

The jump was due to a better results from gaming and stockbroking divisions.

However, its revenue was down from RM871 million to RM865 million.

The company also announced a 5% interim dividend to be pay on October.

Another good result from the company but the fell of revenue is not a good sign. Is it due to inflation, causing people don't have extra money to bet?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What is happening to KLSE in afternoon session?

KLSE was down 13 points, it dived from positive area to deep red. It almost down 20 points from afternoon session.

The KLCI started to go down once the afternoon session open for trading.

The dropped could be due to Moody's downgrades Japan's credit rating citing the country's weak growth prospects, large budget deficits, massive government debt and also political uncertainty.

This is going to be another blow Japan economy after being affected by March deadly earthquake and tsunami.

Lets hope this world third largest economy will bounce back soon.

MAS Q2 Result, continue....


MAS year to date result is worst than last year corresponding period. Click here to view MAS Q2 result.

Hopefully with their new partnership between MAS and AirAsia will change the negative sign to positive.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MAS Q2 result, is it good or bad?


According to MAS, the lost was mainly due to increase of fuel cost, increased in aircraft lease cost, incentives and advertising cost, and also one-off foreign exchange loss on sale and leaseback of four new aircraft.

When to buy Citigroup?

C or Citigroup hit year low at USD25.99 yesterday but closed at USD26.06, down 0.71.

Is it good to buy now? With current situation, will wait for lower price.

Not a good time to buy and hold now, as market will take sometime to recover from current issues. Too many uncertainty on western economy.

Just wait and see.

Monday, August 22, 2011

KLSE followed others.......

KLSE followed DOW and Europe markets to go down by 11 points today.

I was wrong to predict it will not be hard fall but investors dump their holding and guess they just left the market to have an earlier holiday. Maybe an early Raya shopping.

What to expect from KLSE today?

With DOW and Europe major indexes down last friday, hence KLSE will not be spared but will trade in tight range and low volumn.

As next week is a long holiday for KLSE and Malaysian, most investors had dump the equity last week.
With current weak market sentiment, chances for KLSE to traded heavily is slim.

Hopefully after jovial holiday next week, the global economy will bring us good news.

Friday, August 19, 2011

How to brand stock market nowaday?


Yes, you are right, stock or share market is like a monkey show nowaday.

One day up for three-digits and the following few sessions down for three-digits too.

First there worry about US Economy, then PIIGS, followed by US again and then Italy, France bank and now is back to US again (do i miss anything here?). Stock market is just like a ball, being passed around by these two continentals.

Hopefully these two giants will not flatten the ball.

Just wonder how long these issue will go on?

My advise is just sit back and watch the MONKEY SHOW !

Wait until the show stop and then move in to collect the pieces (good and low price stocks).

Another BIG down day for DOW and Europe

Another three-digits down by DOW. With major Europe counterpart also heavily hit.

DOW -419 or -3.68%, 10990 points
Nasdaq -131 or -5.22%, 2380 points
S&P -53 or -4.46%, 1140 points

FTSE100 -239 or -4.49%, 5092 points
DAX -346 or -5.82%, 5602 points
CAC40 -178 or -5.48%, 3076 points

KLSE will not spare this heavy lost by these major markets.

Surely investors will take this opportunity to exit KLSE for their long holiday ahead.

It is time to take a rest from share market for now, and recoup after Hari Raya holiday.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another terrible day for global stock market

Down down down, market in red red red...........

DOW lost 340 points, Nasdaq 100 points........

Major European markets also down heavily, look like another round of huge sell-off by investors.

Oh well, have to switch channels to get away from stock markets for now.

DOW future tumbles......

With major European indexes down 3% to 4% now. The sky is not looking good for DOW.

DOW future already down more than 200 points or 2%.

It was very unlikely DOW will escape the onslaught today.

A bad bad day is waiting............

Second hand car down........

According to report, this year second hand car value dropped from 5% to 20%.

Phew, that is lot of money to lose if you are a second hand car dealer.

But good for consumer, at least we can buy cheaper car, cheaper second car.

Good news to our Muslim friends, they are able to celebrate Hari Raya with cheaper car, cheaper second car.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Leave KLSE now or next week?

KLSE doesn't follow DOW footstep to go up today, instead KLCI was in red after closed.

This could be the sign of local investors are started to leave KLSE before Hari Raya break in two weeks time, and the other reason might be profit-taking after yesterday up.

KLSE is going to be quiet soon as Hari Raya is approaching, meaning long holiday!

Time to get some Duit-Raya from KLSE........

Lets follow DOW, up up up.......

With DOW up 200+ points, sure KLSE will follow the uptrend... Dow already back to before last week's wild swing.

Raya money is in the queue......
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