Thursday, October 28, 2010

Secrets of successful investing by former king of remisiers

Peter Lim, also know as former King of Remisier.

His secrets are...... Prospect, Patience and Invest for Long-Term.

He looks at sectors.

If palm oil is good, then invest in palm oil sector.

Another key reason for his success, according to him, is Patience.

He does not subscribe to buying one day and selling the next to cash in.

His advice is to invest with a longer-term mindset. Buy a good stock and leave it for 10 years, the return
can be many times.

His minimum length of investments are five to six years, or even 10 to 12 years.
Palm oil giant Wilmar International,, which he invested with US$10 millions in the early '90s. It is worth some US$700m now.

He is a Singaporean, and popularly known as the former king of remisiers, made his fortune as a successful stockbroker in Singapore in the 1980s..

Recently he made headline in UK football arena by offering to buy Liverpool football club which he failed. Subsequently the club was bought by American.

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