Monday, December 6, 2010

MPHB : Magnum 4D's Winning Amounts reduced

MPHB announced that their subsidiary company, Magnum obtained approval from Ministry of Finance (MoF)  to revise their Special Prizes for its 4 Digit Big Game from RM200 to RM180 per RM1 bet (Big) effective from 15 December 2010.
The revised also involved Special Prizes for 4 Digit mBox Big game.

This is really a good news to the company as the revise will have a positive impact on the earnings for Magnum and also MPHB in the coming earning reports.

Although it was just a RM20+ reduction but definitely this amount will contra-off the earlier increased in Pool Betting Duty this year.

With Magnum getting the approval, it won't be surprised to see the other two NFO also getting the same goodies.

Will analysts revise MPHB target price? Will see...

MPHB up up up......


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